Rise, Rediscover, Reconnect, Three Month Coaching Program

Rise, Rediscover, Reconnect, Three Month Coaching Program

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Did you know that childhood is experienced through other peoples version of reality, the unquestioned truth you believed about yourself, other people and the world around you.

It isn't your actual truth though, it's the truth that others gave you, passed on from one person to the next, and one generation to the next.

But unfortunately for a lot of us, what we see, hear and are told from our childhood, and early adulthood, does become our reality, and this is the foundation that we build the layers of ourselves upon.

But here comes the punchline!!

It no longer has to be your reality, you have the power within you to rewrite your own story.

We will go on this journey together, where we will work together on an individual plan that will uncover and identify the blocks and experiences that are holding you back from being true to who you really are.

We will work together and transform the way you think about you, and how you show up in your own world, so you can rediscover and reconnect to the magick that is unique to you only, so you can claim your power back!

I Blend my life coaching with mindset, manifestation, meditation and spiritual soul


This package is for you, if you know you want to make an impact in several areas of your life:

You want to work on unraveling the internal thoughts, and limiting beliefs that keep holding you back.

You want to start being true to yourself, the heart and soul of you, your goals, and your dreams, and you want the mindset shifts needed, to ensure your success with self confidence, self love, self esteem, self worth and self belief so you can start living your best life, and being the best version of you, on your terms, not anyone else's!

You will start to see the positive difference that investing in you, your life and your dreams is making.

You will learn:

* How to connect to you intuition & rediscover your true interests, and desires, so you can live, love and lead your life with intentional soul

* How to shift out of overwhelm & struggle, into grace and flow, so you feel less frazzled and more at peace.

* To conquer the fear that's kept you held back, so you can step into the soulful person, you truly are.

* To cultivate confidence, self love, self belief, courage & clarity.

You will be:

* Clearing limiting beliefs & repeating patterns, overcoming fear, anxiety, depression, insecurity, and those pesky mind monkeys who tell you, you can't... YOU CAN!

* Breaking through the barriers to self love, self worth, self belief, self confidence, and learning to communicate your soulful truth, with clarity, calm and grace, and stepping into your power by embracing your courage, confidence and clarity in love, life and business.

What will you gain:

You will only get out of this, what you put into it!,

As much as i'd love to do the work for you, I can't as it is your personal journey.

Although I will be there 110% to guide you, inspire you and support you,.

So if you apply all of my coaching and mentoring tips and techniques, you will gain a sense of self development, a sense of satisfaction and connection to yourself, your hopes and dreams.

* You will gain a longer term commitment to stepping towards being true to yourself, to the heart and soul of you, to loving, living and leading your life your way, with your soulful life rules as your guide.

* Which gives you more opportunities to connect with like minded souls, to colloborate with others, and to embed your new positive outlook and behaviour to getting the results you really want to achieve.

* Extended coaching/mentoring, support and inspiration and kind words towards achieving your goals.

* Clarity on your goals & what steps you need to take to start to achieve them

* Thoughts and kind words on how to overcome your mind monkey, you know the one who sits on your shoulder and tells you, you can't,the one who says who are you to think you can do this or that, the one who tells you you're not gooe enough, well my lovely you are amazing, and yes you damn well can, and you should, because you and your dreams matter!

* Thoughts & ideas and support on how to use your personal life experiences & passions to serve you best

* Tips, techniques, ritual guides such as mindset, meditation, journaling, self care, gemstones etc, & support in forming your new positive mindset habits to deal with the curveballs life may through at you (because it does) and life isn't perfect, so that you can deal with them with a smile and a f...k you and start to achieve your goals and dreams anyway.

* Support and guidance with kind words to give you a renewed sense of confidence, a renewed self worth, self esteem, and self belief, to give you the guidance and support to be true to yourself, the heart and soul of you, and accountability (if you want it) to making the changes you want a reality, and achieveable,so you can love, live and lead your life, your way, with your soul as your compass, because my lovely you matter, and so do your dreams!


12 Weeks (3 months) of: 1 on 1 heart led coaching.

Available Worldwide:

Soul Discovery & Soulful Intention Setting:

What is included:

* A pre coaching design your soulful life questionaire

This is focused on finding out what you want to achieve in the three months

And coming up with a way forward, for you to create the best version of you And your life, with your soul as your compass

12 weeks (3 months) 1-1 V.I.P Soul Coaching/Mentoring Journey, for those ready to completely change their game

* 1 x 90 minute main deep diving discovery soul session, where we co-create your roadmap, from where you are now, to where you want to be.

* A futher 6 x 60 minute soulful strategy sessions (every two weeks)

* We will cover topics such as:

* Healing your inner child, dealing with your repeating patterns.

* Mindset & the power of being vunerable to uncover your locked away anger, wounds, belief systems, judgement, so you can regain your raw courage, clarity and energy.

* Claiming back your power, the right to say no, letting your spiritual soul shine, building your inner confidence sat nav.

* The power of self love & empowerment, grattitude, grace, gaining focused clarity, releasing your dreams, living your life on your terms.

To design all areas of your life, to feel soulfully aligned, not just going through the motions, you will emerge as your most unapologetic soulful self, to confidently create, the future you want, on your own terms.

This will be tailored to your specific requirements & requests, but will expand on the questions you answered in your initial coaching questionaire, and your 1st discovery coaching session, to form your tailored action plan, to clear blocks, limiting beliefs, and to move forward with your goals in inspired action to gain confidence, clarity, self love etc and get you from stuck here you are now, to moving forward where you want to be.

These sessions can take place in person, in a central location within Beverley

Other locations can be discussed, please note this will incur an extra cost for my time and travel, and will depend on location.

Or via zoom, email, or telephone ( client pays for the cost of the calls) you choose which suits you best

* 1-2-1 unlimited email & messenger support during the 12 week period (9am to 6pm during the week) and weekends I answer when I can, do to my family commitments.

For any home work support, questions, breakdowns & breakthroughs

1 x 30 minute lazer emergency call, this can be used for advice & support on things like an interview, a burning question, an idea you'd like support with.

* 1 x 5 x 7 Original Art Quote PDF file for you to print off, designed by Lisa Martin of Lisa Martin Designs ( this will be sent to you via email, this is for your personal use only, no sharing, copying, redistributing, altering in any way without prior permission from Lisa Martin of Lisa Martin Designs)

 1 x Soulful You - 93 page guide inc: - Coaching, Mindset, Goals, Journalling, affirmation & Rituals PDF Guide (emailed to you)

To help you with your personal journey

* Access to the private Soul Power coaching facebook group for accountability, connection, inspiration, and recommendations.

* After session notes, with inspired action steps, emailed to you after each session, which covers what we discussed & includes your homework assignments before the next session.

* After session client prep, sent via email to be returned to me the week before our next session begins, so that we can best utilise our time together in each session.

* A beautiful soulful you welcome package to include:

* A pretty mini notebook, or journal and pen/pencil 

* A one of a kind, handcrafted surprise gift, from me to you (gifts may vary) worth £50 plus special surprise on your 3 month graduation to celebrate your journey.

* Other surprise goodies in your box (will vary)

Your soulful you welcome package, will be wrapped in pretty packaging and sent to your door, or given to you in person ( if attending face to face sessions)

Your investment: £2,248.00 GBP

You Pay: £1,577.00 GBP when paid in full at the time of booking!

A saving of... £671.50

Payments by instalments can be arranged ( you will pay the full £2,248.00 GBP)

x 3 payments of £749.00 GBP

x 5 payments of £449.60 GBP

Other payment plan by arrangement, for payment plans please contact me before purchase (total to pay £2,248.00 GBP plus any incurred Paypal fees)

(A small charge will incur due to Paypal fees, for payments via instalments)

Please note no coaching will start until either full payment, Or the first two months instalments for payment have been made, and have been cleared.

If paying in 3 of more payment instalments, please note no further coaching will begin, until the next 2 payment instalments for the coaching has been made & cleared

This is to protect all parties.

You may reschedule your session once only with at least 72 hours notice, please note if this is taken by email, then email coaching package cannot be rescheduled.

No refunds are given on coaching sessions, this includes cancellations & no shows etc:

For you to do before our sessions:

Take any notes on where you are right now, and what you want to change, to make your life better, or to realise your dreams, and pop the answers back to me on the soulful life pre coaching questionaire.

One of your homework assignments during our coaching series, will be to create a my soul future board.

So you may want to get your thinking cap on, remember you get to plan your future, so dream big, dream brave, dream bold, what do you want, start getting your ideas together.

I can help with this, with a soul future board workshop, at extra cost.

The extended guidance & support you will recieve, will give you that extra little push you may need, as you start to make the changes you want in your life, so you can start being true to you, with your soul as your compass. 


Ready to do the work....to dig deeper, to shine brighter, to be SOUL-FULLY YOU...

Dream Bigger. Be Grateful. Laugh Lots.

After All A Flower Still Blooms In The Rain.