About Me



My work is all about you... 

But if you're anything like me, you'll be curious to know who I am, well I'm Lisa, I'm a mother, daughter, wife, sister, friend

I am a certified life Coach, and I help, and guide you, in the areas of:

Soulful Self Identity, Soulful Self Rediscovery Soulful Reconnection (including using creativity) Being Comparison Free.

Holistic Wellbeing & Self Care, Law of attraction, Mindset & mindfulness.

I am a multi passionate soul, and my education is ongoing to include holistic therapies to add to my coaching packages, I am a writer, author, & creator of hand crafted gemstone & crystal Jewellery for weddings, special occasions or everyday life, hand designed stationery inc: cards, invites, planners, organisers to make your busy life easier, and original inspirational quote art.

And have been told on more than one occasion to put my services and products on separate websites, but I have discovered that doesn't work for me, I am one person, and I want you to be able to find what you want, and what you need all in the one space.

However if anything about my website, services or products confuse you, then please start a conversation with me, I'll answer most questions..

In the meantime...You can find more about what I do, my services and my products, on the section tabs at the top of each page of this website:

I am a soul seeker, dreamer, empath and on my own spiritual, and learning path, alongside you.

I live and lead from my heart (surrounded by many gemstones & crystals, my other passion is designing handcrafted jewellery, books, candles and a large collection of notebooks, journals and other pretty stationery.... anyone else love a pretty notebook)

My heart has always wanted to be creative & to be of service in equal parts, I am all about the soulful connections, rather than shallow aqaintence, the small moments in life, and using my experiences to help others, and to create change.

I can as a Yorkshire girl, talk for England about all things heart, and soul, from business, wellness, humanity, and loving, and leading from a place of heart, & grace over perfection.

I believe that how we show up in life, what we put into life, and what we give out in life, matters.

I believe that showing up with love, soul & vunerability, in a world that has tried to break you, and your heart, is an act of courage, strength, and a little wild magic (I'm all for bending the rules)

I believe in kindness, loyalty, gratitude, giving back, soul, laughter, joy, love & trusting my gut instincts, these things are important to me.

My soulful words in life... Giving back, Grace and Connection...

I'm here to guide you.... For your soul, you're wellbeing, your life.

For your purpose, passions, hopes & dreams.

To guide you, to gain clarity & activate the change/changes you long for. 

Click on the image below to rediscover you.

I am a creative soul, a dreamer, truth seeker and a lover of connection rather than acquaintance.

I love to dance, I have a tattoo, I am ladylike with a touch of northern grit (yes this includes the odd swear word) I am the girl who loved and lost, who has lived and grown through trauma and heartbreak, I am the girl who refuses to quit!

I am a little rock chick mixed with boho, I love flowery dresses for client meetings, and girly days out for tea & cake (cocktails shh, don't tell anyone) or jeans & t shirt, it doesn't matter whether I am wearing a face full of make up, or in my "pj's"  & slippers, scruffy hair & no sleep, from running around after my granddaughter, who is always talking a million miles per hour, this is me wholeheartedly.

My life up to this point, has had places of darkness, chaos, comparison, exhaustion, disconnected by trauma, heartache, loss and responsibility.

From a young age after witnessing & living with domestic abuse, bullying, parent abandonment, childhood sexual abuse, i was desperate to fit in, to be loved.

I felt anxious, sad, angry, and totally unsure of myself, and my capabilities.

I eventually struggled with an eating disorder, that nearly killed me, because I had lost all my sense of self love, self worth, confidence & belief, so I had relationships that didn't serve me, but hurt me instead with domestic violence, bullying, mental abuse & sexual abuse.

I became lost on a path of always putting others first, of shutting down my own emotions and saying I'm ok.

I have struggled with not liking, and not loving me enough, not feeling worthy or good enough, not believing in me, because I was so busy caring for, and looking after everyone else, I forgot about me.

My wake up call....

Came when I lost the person that had been my guiding light through life, and when I had to make some life changing decisions, not just for me, but for my whole family, that would change the course of their lives, and my heart forever.

I reached breaking point, my life was in pieces, I was in a really dark place, I honestly didn't think I wanted to go on, But the fire in me refused to die, instead I went inwards in order to put me back together again...

These events awakened a passion that had been lying dormant, locked inside a tiny corner of my soul, I was starting to yearn for more, I wanted to realise my dream of helping others...

I feel grateful that my story so far has had some life changing experiences, to still be in one piece, I have found me again, I have found my strength, and the courage to let my soul light lead the way.

This is why Lisa Martin Designs is... all about soul, dreams, love, laughter, life & creativity.

Why the f**k does my story matter to you...

Because I believe that the curveballs & life lessons I've experienced have a purpose, my experiences have helped me, to relate to clients who feel afraid, alone, overwhelmed or lost.

I can show you that your past story does not define you, there is another way, and you can rewrite your story!

Who I am has led me on this pathway of soul, compassion, spirit with sass, grace over perfection, that allows me to be able to guide you like no one else can.

Because I see you, I feel you, I hear you....

And I've done my own personal groundwork to get to this point in my life.

* I recommitted to me, connecting with my inner soul, the fire and the passion inside of me that wanted to empower others, who had lived a life in the shadows.

* I stopped living a life for everyone else, I stopped taking care of everyone else's every single need, and started saying yes to my needs, to my hopes & dreams.

* I transformed my thinking from I can't, to just watch me, and started healing my patterns of control, judgement, fear, and limiting beliefs.

* I am building a relationship with me, my intuition & my soul.

Professional Bio:

Lisa Martin lives in the beautiful market town of Beverley Yorkshire, she has four grown up children, two granddaughters (one of whom she is legal guardian for) the other is her own story to tell.

Lisa is a multi passionate entrepreneur, and a heart centred and holistic life coach, specialising in soul self identity, soulful rediscovery & reconnection, mindset, mindfulness & comparison free coach, and holistic energy work, wellbeing, and self care.

Dedicated to helping women & children, see what's possible for them, for their work, love, and lives, in a soulful & purposeful way.

Lisa is a speaker, writer & author & creative soul, she loves to empower others to create a life they love, (from the inside out) with the magic they already have within them.

Lisa is the founder/CEO behind Lisa Martin Designs Inc: Lisa Martin Coaching, Lily Grace & Artiful Adventures, and Soul Power Queen a community for you to rediscover & reconnect with your heart, your dreams, passion & purposes you can create a life you love. 

Lisa works with women survivors, women who have lost sight of themselves, & heart-led females in business, to create a life & business they love.

Lisa works with children on their mental wellbeing & creativity.

Lisa speaks on topics such as empowering yourself, building a business & life you love, surviving & thriving, after sexual and domestic abuse, mental health, bullying, wellbeing, mindset, and leading from the heart.

She runs creative workshops & retreats, and writes about the things that matter!

Known for her honest & heart led approach, Lisa's work is all about re-connecting with your heart, and lighting up your soul, creating a mindset that empowers you, & gives you peace, self confidence, self worth, self belief & self love, so you can rediscover & reconnect to you, your dreams, passion & purpose.

Unofficial bio: 

 * I put passion and 110% commitment into everything I do.

* I love sunshine and laughter, the first snowdrops, pink roses & peonies.

* I love steampunk, old Hollywood movies, one of a kind designs, high heels, jeans and a T-shirt, a good book, the colour pink in all its shades, sprinkles of glitter & sparkle, green tea in a china tea cup & saucer.

* I talk to myself whilst working, and I love to "dance silly when you're least expecting it".

 * I like life to be full of the small moments we sometimes take for granted, and as easy and stress-free as possible, but in a house full of people, and a princess diva in training this can be chaos at times.

* I love to be organised, and I love to be creative, which can sometimes be contradictory, as being creative can be messy.

* I love stories of any kind, I have always created stories from my on imagination, It started as a way to soothe the hurt as a child, for me & my brother, and has continued with my own children, and now my granddaughter who loves them as a nighttime story...Watch this space, the adventures of Lily Grace may just become a real life story book yet!

* I have always got at least two books on the go, anyone else read in the toilet? don't judge! sometimes its the only place I can get 5 minutes escape.

* I believe in magic, moon dust & fairytales, walks in the woods, cosy fires & hot chocolate, dancing in the rain, and Christmas is my favourite time.

*Grace over perfection ( this is my personal mantra) and one I live by daily, this is why you won't see perfect grammar, only heartfelt content written by me, and hey I make mistakes, it used to drive my english teacher mad, but I'm to old to change #sorryifthisoffendsyou.

I'm not perfect!

This is why you won't see perfect white backgrounds, on any of my images, or product photographs, I take them myself, edit them in an editing suite to make the detail brighter or closer, but that's it.

I encourage you... please ask as many questions as you need, or want to, I promise, I don't bite...

I believe that life is what you make it, (your a long time dead, as my gramps used to say) so let's make life a damn good adventure! Even if it isn't perfect, and bumpy along the way.

That it is better to show your flaws, to be vulnerable, and that pretty things should be worn, don't save them for best, what does that even mean anyway, and that we should all give the gift of love.

I have my quirks, the soulful star seed, the healer, the shadow, the people pleaser, the perfectionist, the procrastinator, the extroverted/introvert me who can also be the outspoken speaker of truths, and the voice for others, who feel they don't have a voice, depending on who I'm with, and where I am.

I walk through this crazy journey called life with a hopeful heart and a daft smile. 

I'd Love to know who are you?

Are you being true to you, the life your really want? Or are you..

* Living a life giving to everyone else! Feeling heavy with the talk of you should, you can't, you need to, and you have too, while you totally ignore what it is that actually makes you happy.

* Feeling lost, overwhelmed, not sure how to move forward with the changes you want to make in your life.

I want to show you the power of belief, the power of yes, of working through your patterns, limiting beliefs, and lack of self love, so you can EMPOWER and say yes to YOU!



Because I now know that we work from the inside out, that when we feel good on the inside, our courage and our magic thrives on the outside. 

Here at Lisa Martin Designs HQ, I will put YOU first and foremost.

Want to interview Lisa for your blog, website, podcast, article, or book, or book her to speak or collaborate at your event/workshop/retreat?

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Are you ready to make changes, ready to rediscover & reconnect to you?

I look forward to hearing all about your plans, with a sprinkle of grace & a drop of sparkle xx 

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Hugs & Wishes

Lisa xx