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Hi Lovely

There's a life you muddle through, and then there's a life that is fuelled by your soul gifts & soul purpose.

 I'm Lisa Martin, a certified life Coach, specialising in soul self Identity & self rediscovery.

Comparison Free, Mindset & Mindfulness coaching

Holistic energy work & Crystals

I'm a mental wellbeing advocate, creative coaching & mindfulness workshops facilitator, for women & children survivors of abuse, Childhood/adulthood trauma, heartbreak, loss, feeling lost or overwhelmed.

I am also a creative soul & designer of handcrafted gemstone & swarovski crystal jewellery for all occasions .

I hand design stationery & paper goods to keep your life organised & stress free.

I am a writer, Author & Speaker.

Why do we compare ourselves & our lives?

Because we live in a world where being seen as less than perfect... isn't well...perfect!

Mmm let me tell you a secret my love, perfect & perfection don't exist

But kindness, compassion, and being perfectly imperfect does!

Well is my job title (don't you hate that in this day and age, we still have to have labels) the most niche

Or the neatest in the world.

Is what I do a small enough niche?

No probably not... so why did I choose it?

Why did I choose the title & niche of Soul self Identity, Self discovery & comparison free coach

Simple.. Because I know how the power of our pasts, our own limiting beliefs, the online & outside world, the power of the words, actions, and reactions of other people, has caused us as a nation to question who we are, to question if we are good enough, and our mental health, our self love, self worth, self esteem, self belief and confidence suffers as a result.

Plus I don't believe any one of us should be a one size fits all, Tick a box and we're fixed!

We are all unique, and should be treated with love, respect & kindness

And this might mean you need more than one method of coaching/guidance

So How do I know this you might ask?

I have been that person, crippled by my own past, my own loss of self because of the words & actions of others

Comparing myself & my life to that of others

I had no self love, little self esteem, self belief or self confidence, i had no idea who I was, or what I believed in

And everyone else & their lives seemed perfect

Until events changed (read my story on my about page) and I said enough!

From that day on everything changed, I decided that I would reframe my past, my thoughts, and I would rewrite my story

Thats where my #journeytorediscoverme and #mycomparisonfree life began!

If you are wanting more from life, wanting to rewrite your story, to create a life you love, then welcome

I am so honoured to have you here.

I believe you are unique, with gifts, strengths, passion & purpose to share with the world

It is my purpose to fully support, guide & inspire you

To rediscover & reconnect to you, and your life vision.

Be prepared for soul change, to rewrite your story from the inside out, this is where the magic happens.

Products I create

Stationery & Printable's

Hand designed, original inspirational quote art prints

Pretty stationery, cards, planners & printables

To keep your busy life organised & stress free

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Handcrafted Jewellery

Handcrafted, bespoke, one of a kind & limited edition Jewellery

Uplifting, healing, empowering sparkles, for weddings, proms, pageants, Birthdays, race days, or everyday

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Truthfully, I'm here to guide you home to YOU!

I cannot wait to see you shine.

Do you want to rediscover who you are, do you want to regain self-love, self-worth, self-esteem

Self-belief & self-confidence

 After doing & giving to everyone else, except you!

 Do you want to reduce stress, anxiety, comparing yourself and your life

Do you want to stop that lost or overwhelmed feeling in your gut

Do you want to love & lead your life, your way

Rather than being told how you should feel, think & act?

Do you remember the fire you had in your belly, the passion you had for your hopes & dreams

Do you want to see these back in your life

A life where you feel aligned with the woman you are now, aligned with your hopes, dreams

Passions & purpose you actually want in your life now

Work with me: 1:1 Life, Soul, Rediscovery & Mindset Coaching

Align Coaching Programme

The Three Pillars Of Self

What's your story?

Whatever it may be, your in the right place to be seen, heard & believed in

This is your personal journey to rediscover what matters to you, to find peace from past trauma, self doubt, anxiety, stress

To regain self-love, Self-worth, self-belief, self-confidence & happiness.

Loving you & your life comes from healing the bottled up emotions, the toxic energy, the stress & relationships

From yourself & others.

Being true to yourself, starts with you!

My purpose is to guide you to follow your heart, soul & deepest desires, to create a life you love

You are made of magic & stardust #forwhatmatterstoyou


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Hugs & Wishes

Lisa xx