Hello Beautiful Soul......


There's a life you muddle through, and then there's a life that is refuelled by love, your divine inner magick and sparkling soul.

I'm Lisa Marie Martin, a women's coach/mentor, speaker, designer/artist and creative soul, you'll find me here, musing and dreaming about being a woman of a certain age, menopause, the chaos of life, leading from the heart, art, design, business, wellbeing, mindset, spirituality & soul, and other things that I believe matter to us as a women.

If you want more from your life, and you are ready to dig deeper, to be encouraged, supported, and inspired to step fully into your on magick, then you're in the right place, and I'm so honoured you're here.



My work and this my online home, is dedicated to helping you to see what's possible for your life, to awaken the magick truth of your soulful self, and who you really are.

To guide you inward to the woman you ant to be, and help you love, live & lead your life, in a way that lights you up.

It's about letting go of asking permission, and giving your all to others, it's about creating soulful success with your own rules.

Truthfully I'm here to guide you home.... To YOU

Do you want to rediscover who you are? do you want to regain your sense of self love, self worth, self esteem, and self confidence, after doing, and giving to everyone else... and just would love to know who you are now?

Do you want to reduce uncertainty, do you want to increase your passion & purpose, do you want to live, love, and lead your life, as you want to, rather than how your told to think, act, and how you think you should?

Do you remember the fire you had in your gut?

The passion you had for your hopes & dreams?

The inner determination & grit, that you used to get you through the hard times, the trauma, the heartbreak, the loss, and the life you were, or are living?

The one that would simmer deep down in your soul, and get you through each day?

Do you want this feeling back, the one that ensures that everything you do is aligned with the woman you are now, your hopes, dreams, passions and what you actually want for your future life?

Let go of your fears, your limiting beliefs & repeating patterns, let go of being who you are in this moment, surrender into the woman you want to be, she will wait for you... allow her wings to unfold, gently but surely into the light.

Can I ask you..... What happened to that fire in your soul?

Let's be honest lovely, I know once we hit that magic number of 40, a lot of us freak out a bit! when I hit 34, I dreaded my upcoming 40th, because we're so often told "oh your to old to do that" or "oh you can't wear that" and we know that soon our children may fly the nest, and we start to question who we are as a woman, what's going on in our lives, what's next?

And we ask ourselves... is this it!

Is this all that my life is meant to be?

We ask ourselves.. what will I do when my children leave?

Is this the job I want for the rest of my life?

When did my relationship with my partner start to die, feel stale, become boring?

* Have you been feeling lost, lonely & unsure of you, after divorce, seperation, the children leaving home?

* Have you been giving 100% of you, to everyone else?

* Have you been doing everything for other people, and not you?

* Have you been living life by other people's rules?

* Have you been feeling unhappy with your own inner & outer reflection, and when looking in the mirror, not liking how you look or feel?

* Have you felt negative with family & friends, do you keep turning down their invitations?

* Have you said I am struggling with my confidence, self worth, self belief?

* Have you asked yourself, am I having a midlife crisis?

* Have you said to yourself, or others, I feel ive lost my mojo, my get up and go?

* Have you asked yourself, am I menopausal

If any of these sound like you, I'm sorry to say it lovely, but you've lost the fire in your soul!

But guess what!

It's not the end!.... as women, we take on the world, we make things bigger in our heads than they are, we procrastinate, because it gives us the excuse to avoid our fears, rather than facing them head on.

So my 3 pillars of self, my refuelling system as I like to call it, is about taking action, it's about deciding to move from where you are now, stuck in overwhelm, loss, fear, confusion, and moving you forward to where you want to be, it's about relighting that inner fire, so you can be refuelled from the tips of your toes, to your soul.

So let's light up the magick together.... and go!

Hi Lovelies.... I'm Lisa Marie Martin...

I am a soulful & heart centered self love, mindset, empowerment life, and creativity coach, Mentor, Guiding hand, soul sister (Whatever term you wish to use is fine) a writer, speaker of truths, and speaker for others without a voice, and creative soul.

I love to work with, and to empower women, who want to turn their fear into flames, who are soul dreamers, and dream seekers, who know there is more to their life, more than wake up, look after the kids, do the housework, have the same daily rountine, day in and day out, live with heartbreak, and forgotten dreams, or go to a job they hate, and think ok what's next?

Women who want to refill their confidence well with rockect fuel, and live, love and lead their lives with the wildfire in their souls.

The women who are asking???

Where do I go from here?

What do I do with my life now?

And they just need the help to rediscover their dreams & what lights them up from the inside out, help to uncover their limiting beliefs, and what's holding them back, and help to reconnect to the soul love, confidence & magick that is already there within them, even if it is hidden deep.

That's where I come in:

I guide them, & support them to listen to their hearts, and the deepest recesses of their souls, I ask them to trust and love themselves.

I ask them to set the goals they have always dreamed of, to create a life they have always dreamed of.

I help you to rebel against the mess, the chaos, the mundane, and the muddle of midlife, and showing your life.. who's the boss!.... you are... you've just got to want to take that next step.

Your not alone! this was my story too..

Until I learned to believe in the power of me...

I am by default a dreamer, an asker of questions, and deeper meanings, I have always been led by my heart and soul..

I love life & have always believed that we are born to be whoever we want to be, that we can do whatever our heart desires, but I also know that life and situations can knock us of our course.

I now know that any change we are craving, and changes we wish to make, we must do the deep down inner heart & soul work first, even if it is hard.

I now know it is only then that the mindset shifts can begin to raise their vibration, and ripple through into our everyday lives, I know this isn't necessarly easy, digging deep never is! but trust me it's worth al the tears, releases and breakthroughs that then arise.

So I would like to welcome you to the world of Lisa Martin Designs, a place where I  coach/mentor/guide & support you to clear out the fear, the trauma, the heartaches, So you can awaken the magick within your soul, the inner wisdom, the self love, empowerment and confidence, and build your own rock solid founadtions using my 3 pillars of self, and my heart & soul led coaching techniques and creative expression.

I am on a mission to empower you to create your most amazing life, by dismissing the myth that you have to spend your midlife years, miserable, stuck in the past, medicated or in a muddle.

And giving you tips, tools & strategies to deal with those pesky discomforts from the menpause, to your mind monkey, to improving your self confidence, and loving the skin you're in, and how to improve your mindset, health & wellbeing.

And guiding you on a journey to refuel your inner fire, to bring back the joy in your life, encouraging you to embrace who you are now, and that the midlife transistion does not mean life has stopped for you, after looking after your children, after having heartbreak, trauma, loss, tears, and everything else that comes after getting to 40 and beyond.

Because trust me, when you start to feel the magick inside come alive, and you start to feel good on the inside, good inside your heart & soul, you can create a life you love, filled ith your own kind of soul magick, and thrive! 

It's never to late to live life on your terms!

Lisa Martin Designs also includes Lily Grace, my handcrafted and heart curated jewellery & gift boutique, and my creative mindfulness workshops for women and children.

Lisa Martin Designs is my passion, and my why, its my purpose in life, to let my imagination live free, and to help empower you so you can let your dreams fly...

What's your story?

Whatever it may be, you're in the right place, to be heard, to be seen, to be believed in, to be loved..

This is your personal journey to discover your own inner compass, to find peace from past trauma, heartbreak, self doubt, anxiety, stress, and to regain self love, self worth, self confidence & belief, happiness, and balance in the present, and hope for the future.

I believe in a world for the soul dreamers, the truth seekers, the gypsy soul's, the one's who believe in mermaids, and fairytales, and love, the ones with a soulful heart that's been thrown more than a few curveballs in life.

Loving YOU and your life comes from healing the toxic energy, from past traumas, heartbreak, toxic relationships (with yourself or others) and stress manifested by your bottled up emotions.

Healing bottled up toxic energy, trauma and emotions, comes from forgiving yourself and others, it comes from knowing that no matter what, you are a diamond, and that you and your dreams are worth believing in, and that life has a plan for your journey, even if you can't see it yet!

Loving you, and your life, comes from digging deep and going on a inward journey to find peace, healing & happiness, it comes from sharing your story, and learning to love yourself more deeply. it comes from forgiving, and making use of every single precious moment that life gives us, the lessons, the curveballs, the sad and the tough times, and the happy times.

Healing does not mean that you will have or live a perfect life, perfection doesn't exist, it means that you can find grace, gratitude, self love, self worth, and self belief & acceptence, and even though you might not have all the answers, right now, that's ok.

Loving your story doesn't mean you love what may have happened to you, or what curveballs life has given you, it means you get to choose to move forward with peace and joy in your soul.

So that you can meet the challenges, life may give you, it means you get to choose healing, and loving you unconditionally, and you get to choose your future.

A journey full of deep breaths, a journey where you get to release your fears, a journey with smiles that light up your soul, and a journey that resets, what you once thought defined you.


Love your own story.... 

It is a part of who you are, it may have shaped who you are, but your past story does not define you, only you can do that!

Love You, Love Your Life....

Soulful & Heart Led Life Coaching/ Mentoring & Energy Work...


Soulful & Heart Led Creative Mindfulness classes & workshops



Facebook Support Group to inspire & empower you.



Handcrafted with heart bespoke, one of a kind, and limited edition: 

Headdress, hair pieces, gemstone healing jewellery, Swarovski crystal & freshwater pearl, and other precious metal jewellery, for weddings, proms, pageants, races, special occassions, and everyday jewellery, that has thought, meaning, and my heart poured into each and every piece, that is designed to be worn and cherished.

Paper goods, including cards for weddings, birthdays or just because, inspirational quote & art prints, notebooks, journals and mantra cards, and heart centered curated gift boxes & gifts, that inspire, uplift and empower you.





Being True To Yourself: Starts With You!


For the one who loves daydreaming by the beach, in the bath, or even the toilet (yes it's a thing as us busy mums will know) or walking barefoot amongst the bluebells (or even escaping to the garden for 5 mins peace, while you try to ignore the 50th million mum I need you now call! the one who talks to themselves, and sings loudly in the bath hoping no one can here (me too)

For the one with the her dreams waiting to break out, for the woman who wants to get back a life full of self love, self worth, self confidence, self empowerment, joy and who wants to find their inner light, magick and grace with their heart, their soul, and a sprinkle of sparkle xx


Follow your heart it knows the way 



My passion, and my purpose is to help YOU, follow your heart, your soul, and your deepest desires, to create your own life, full of joy, sparkle and YOU!

To create and handcraft bespoke pieces of jewellery, artwork or gifts, full to the brim of your personality.

To provide coaching, creative workshops & retreats, handcrafted & heart curated jewellery, gifts & artwork that give back hope & grace, to survivors of sexual & domestic abuse, trafficking, womens refuges, and mental health services.

 I want to inspire, and support you to be true to yourself, and to find your own sparkling style, 


I believe in the magick of you, and will lead with my heart to help & guide you, to unleash the magick and the power, that is within you already.

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Lisa Martin Designs including Lily Grace, remains a small independent online & in person, coaching & lifestyle brand, I love to keep things personal by being honest, by being transparent, by encouraging you to ask any questions you need to ask, by being here 110% for you, and by not being anything other than what I am x

 You are magick, and this is your journey #forwhatmattersinlife.

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Lisa xx